Order your lift with our exclusive LED indicator check light system.
This system provides a visual light to indicate when doors are latched properly.


All of our storage lift installation work is done 100% turnkey.
We have multiple installation crews that have extensive experience in retrofitting VRC storage lifts into older or existing storage facilities.


All AJAY lifts come with a 10 year warranty!
Our warranty has been the best warranty in the industry since 1985.


Order your lift with our all new Recessed Door or Gate Interlock.
This innovative interlock design combines all of the operating components within the door and door jamb.


Our VRC lifts are far less costly than passenger elevators.
Our lifts require minimal maintenance and permits to install.


See our steel framed entry doors or gates.
Our custom fabricated rugged doors and gates will secure the lift before it can operate.


Truss Mast

Free Standing

Another AJAY exclusive, our all welded rigid Truss Design Mast Tower gives the tower the ability to be stand free without relying on structural building support. AJAY's mast is the only truss designed mast which makes it the strongest in the industry.

Tested Prior to Shipment

Each VRC storage lift is carefully inspected and factory tested prior to shipment. This insures that all of the manufacturer’s critical design specifications have been met.

Shipped Straight From the Factory

AJAY lifts are shipped fully assembled straight from the factory to fully ensure a quality assembly.

10 Year Warranty!

AJAY Equipment provides a 10-year warranty on the mast tower, which has been the best warranty in the industry since 1985.

Truss Design Used Around the World for Hundreds of Years

The truss design has been used in structures for hundreds of years around the globe. With structural angle iron cross members that add strength and rigidity to minimize twisting and deflection, it is still one of the strongest designs used by engineers and architects today.

Competitors Use Ladder Mast Design

Other types of VRC lifts have a “ladder frame” or “I-beam post” design. This design is structurally less stable and requires structural building for support. In most cases they are also cheaper to build.


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