Check out our all new diamond shield carrier car.
The innovative car design uses polished aluminum diamond plate flooring to provide a non-skid safety surface when snow, ice, or rain is present.


Check out our different traffic patterns.
AJAY Equipment is capable of accommodating your building design by offering four different traffic patterns.


Optional Interlock Systems

Recessed Interlock

Besides offering our standard interlocks we can also provide our customers with our optional Recessed Door or Gate Interlock. This innovative interlock design combines all of the operating components within the door and door jamb.

Sleek Look

There are no mechanical or electrical components obstructing the door opening and none are mounted on the exterior wall for a exceptionally clean look.

Total Controller

Our optional Total Controller has evolved through the years our latest version shown here features lighted push buttons, LED indicator lights and, and optional programmable keypad controller for additional security.


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